quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2019

Isto é demasiado bom.

i'm not gonna try and claim that movies about emotionally unavailable white men aren't/can't be interesting. i'm not saying biopics can't be interesting. my favorite movie for the past 7 years has been the social network. but, in 2018, is a neil armstrong biopic called FIRST MAN really the MOST interesting story to tell? i think it's strange that damien chazelle watched moonlight win best picture two years ago and then didn't take into account any of what made made it more relevant/BP-worthy than la la land (which is not to say he needed to take inspiration from moonlight, he's free to do his own thing, and he's amazing at it, but) some of the minor/side-stories seemed like they had better feature-length potential that a rehashing of a story we already know-- i'm talking about the protests ("whitey's on the moon", anti-government spending) and the families of the astronauts. maybe even the failed test launching of apollo 1.