sábado, 10 de novembro de 2018

Escolas. Em Frankfurt.

- I love Roxy Music, but some of their videos/album covers are utter misogynist crap.  Disembodied women's legs?  Objectifying women much? -ExileStardust

- I think you miss The point of the video and song. You must come from the school of useful left wing idiots who morally judges everyone when making a comment. Please keep your Frankfurt school of thought to your 6th form or lefty white middle class chums. -Daniel Stans

- @Daniel Stans Heyyyy, why trashing Frankfurt?  We love a little Roxy on the banks of the Main. -David Vawter

- Ysorry mate Germany was a beautiful country even Frankfurt even though the RAF did a bit of town planning shame merkal destroyed it -Daniel Stans

- Heterosexuality wasn't a sin in the 80s.-Scott Birch

segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2018

As 226 melhores canções dos anos 90. (18)


Nem tudo é mau nesta nulidade. Duas cousas foram conseguidas:

1) apaziguar a mente dos, como diz o Armond White, "guilty white liberals".

2) despertar-nos a vontade de rever o "The Birth of a Nation".